How to take part in the photo constest?

If  you would like to take part in Beauties of Belarus photo contest and your images are in complicance with rules of the competition you can upload your photos inot the web site directly


Before upload you need to confirm that:

  • You are 18 years or over;
  • You are the legal owner of all images you are going to upload;
  • You made yourself familiar with terms and condition of the competition and will follow them



Process of upload of images



On the main page of the web side you need to find a link Upload Photo






After clicking you will find a form to upload  your photos, By default you may upload by 20 photos.






Input your email address, title of the image (usually, it’s a model’s name) and description for the picture. Title and decription must be in English only.




Select Choose File button and browse to the image you want to upload.





Click Add Photo button and upload the photo.






Repeat the process to upload the next image


You will see your images after approval from a moderator. Usually, it will take 24-48 hourse.




After approval your image will appear on the web site.


In oder to get access to your omage library or upload additional files you need again to clock onto Upload Photo link and enter your credentials. You can find your login and pasword in your email box which you have entered during first upload.