Milavista casting in Minsk

Over 70 Beauties Contest For Contract With Top Belarusian Lingerie Designer

Milavitsa, top lingerie maker in Belarus, casted models in Minsk in search for new faces of the brand.

Over 70 girls came to fight for the right to represent the brand.

Milavista casting in Minsk

 Unlike some foreign lingerie brands, Milavitsa prefers classic shares rather that diversity.

For example, plus size models were not accepted – the company believes in better sales with slim fogures on posters.

The models had to be from 14 to 44 years old, not taller than 175 cm, with shapely hips of 90 to 94 cm and a bust size of 70C to 75D.

Naturally, grace and acting abilities were considered as well.

Modelling experience was a plus, too, so of 70 girls only 55 were actually allowed to the casting.

Representatives of the brand said they were looking for something unique.

“Look at VS, it pushes forward sexuality of its models. We promote sexuality, too, but for us personality comes first,” Milavitsa’s distribution director said.

Of all the candidates, the company casted five models, but said non of them matched the ideal 100%.

For many years Milavitsa was represented by Anna Moliboga, one of the most successful commercial models in Belarus.

Casting  of photomidels for the Milavitsa lingerie catalogue - Minsk 2016