Miss Belarus 1998: Svetlana Kruk

Miss Belarus 1998: Svetlana Kruk

Place of birth: Grodno

Year of birth: 1979 (won at the age of 19)

Participation in international competitions: “Miss Commonwealth-1999” (runner-up), “Miss Europe-1999” (top-10), “Miss World-2000” (reaching the 1/2 finals – the highest achievement of the Belarusian girls in this competition), “Missis Beauty Millenium International 2012” (1st place), “Miss Universe 2013” (1st place), “Mrs. Globe-2017” (1st place)

Svetlana Kruk  graduated with honours from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at the Pedagogical University of Grodno. Svetlana got her second higher education in Russia – at the Higher School of Economics. She managed to work as a model in Italy, the US and Russia. She married and left for Moscow, where she works in her main profession, teaching mathematics. She took part in the competition “Teacher of the Year 2010” in Moscow, in which she was named one of the ten best teachers in Moscow. She has been awarded the government award for services to Russian education.

She continues to take part in various beauty contests. In all the competitions as well as in interviews, she says she is Belarusian despite the fact that she has been living in Moscow for a long time and has a double citizenship. In her interviews Svetlana emphasizes that her family is her priority today. She raises three children.


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