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Russian beauties Elena and Irina Kruchinkina are keen to compete for Belarus

At the European championship in Raubichi Elena Kruchinkina won the gold medal. The most popular question that journalists addressed to her and Sister Irina after the finish was the following: “Don’t you regret that a year ago you changed Russia to Belarus?” The biathletes answered in one voice that the transition had fully justified itself, while the Belarusian flag had already become their native. The material of SPORT.TUT.BY contains the story of the lovely twins of the world biathlon (and a lot of pictures of sisters themselves)

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Melitina Stanyuta

The press office of the 2nd European Games 2019, had the privilege of sitting down with Melitina Staniouta for an intimate interview. Melitina, a majestic gymnast, has accumulated over 20 medals in the European and World championships since 2009. She also participated in the Olympic games, London and Rio de Janeiro and took home 4 medals from the European games in Baku proving herself to be an undeniably amazing athlete. We caught up with her at the “Grand Café” in Belarus to discuss her journey and upcoming involvement in the 2019 Games.

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