The Beauties of Belarus photo contest has been held since 2015 to provide an opportunity for photographers and models in Belarus and around the world to communicate and to enrich image-making culture for professionals and amateurs alike.

The Beauties of Belarus photo contest is a non-commercial project which do not accept any money from participants, is not a model agency, not an intermediary between a photographer, a model and any third party side, and does not sell advertising space on its web site.

We are looking for original, striking images of beautiful Belarusian women. We encourage entries from all regions of Belarus, in both rural and urban settings. More detailed information about requirements for the pictures are in the Terms and Condition section.

The Beauties of Belarus photo contest is presenting photos in the following nominations:



All the images must obey the following requirements for each of the category



Requirements for Portrait images

The image in this category should pay attention of personal charateristics of the model. It is supposed that the main element of the picture will be face of the model, her emotions and personality


Requirements for Nature images

The images in this category should show balance between the model and surrounding atmosphere. Beauties of Belarus especially welcomes photos with historical places of Belarus on the background and images which show beauty of Belarusian nature.


Requirements for Underwear images

The images in this category should show natural beauty of the model. The category give a photographer an opportunity to unitize his or her professional skills. The images may contain some degree of sexuality but the authors are strongly advised to avoid any erotic subtext in their works.


Requirements for Selfie images

The images in this category are taken by models themselves so in this case the contest does not pay much attention to quality of the images. Fantasy, sense of humor and originality are more important.

The Beauty of Belarus photo contest strongly advise that under no circumstances you should take any risk when you are trying to take this type of photo.



Common requirements for all types of photos


Photos submitted must be at least 800 pixels on the shorter side (width), and no more than 1200 pixels on the longer side (height). Images should be no larger than 1MB. Photos must be in JPEG format.

All the picture must not use special effects heavily. Advanced editing used to create illusions, deceptions and/or manipulations, and the adding and removing of significant elements within the frame is prohibited.

Every image uploaded is subject to a moderation process before it becomes visible on the contest page. Better Photography reserves the right to assess and disregard any submitted photo at our its discretion

The pictures in Selfie category may not obey these requirements above but the author are advised to follow them if possible.

Under no circumstances the Beauty of Belarus photo contest accept photos with explicit full or partial nudity, demonstrating and imitating sexual intercourse and or any other sexual activities. The photos and images must comply with the Law of the Republic of Belarus and the Resolution of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus N7 from 02.03.2015 about issuing, demonstration, sales and advertising of erotic production in the Republic of Belarus. Authors of the photos take full responsibility to make sure that their output is fully compliant with all legal requirements both Belarusian and international.

All picture must have description in English giving brief information about the picture, model and other useful information.


Samples of description are below:
Anna is probably best known for her work with Milavitsa lingerie. She first graced the Belarus Fashion Show in 2014 and has appeared on subsequent shows ever since. Her most notable walk down the runway was in 2015, where she was the show opener. Anna had appeared on several television ads for the brand but her most memorable one, was appearing alongside the TV host Ivan Ivanov in 2015 Milavitsa commercial which received both praise and criticism. She is currently a contract model and spokesperson for the brand.




Inna is a 3d year student of Belarusian State University. She studies Georaphy and enjoy being a photomodel. Her most notable work was with was the show opener of Belarus Fashion Week. You may find more information about her in her profile at


Authour are allowed to out no more that 1 (one) direct link to external web resources such as model or photographer portfolio, personal page, professional web site, etc.



For any other queries, please, address your email to belarusmodels @